Beautiful State is a highly experienced and award-winning collective of producers, storytellers and creatives who thrive on integrity, a shared vision and passion for film craft. 

We’re flexible and collaborative and experts at finding solutions. Working within a range of briefs and budgets, we see the big picture and put it on your screen. By being agile, experienced, knowledgeable, innovative and inventive we help you to achieve a Beautiful State.


Beautiful State provides facilitation and production services to international companies wishing to film in Australia. We select and lead a team of highly skilled local professionals on your behalf to make your experience seamless from start to finish, while producing premium content that’s also on time and within budget. At our disposal are some of the best filmmakers, technicians and diverse talent Australia has to offer, in addition to a variety of locations that could double for many parts of the world.

Kim Kirby. 

Kim is the founder and Executive Producer of Beautiful State. She has had the opportunity to collaborate across many varied projects globally with the best in the business. Her genuine love for what she does combined with an unrivalled network of contacts and her dedicated approach, is what enables her to lead a team of creatives to deliver premium and efficient production solutions like no other.