Alex Smith.

London. Central St Martins. Fine Art. Coldplay. Sydney. Director. Music. Design. 

After studying Fine Art at Central St Martins, Alex joined RSA directing music videos, including Coldplay’s debut clip “Yellow”. Alex has an original, creative approach that brings a unique voice to any project he engages with. Whether shooting the everyday world of Kmart through an unexpected lens, or pitting Peaches and Iggy Pop against a barrage of zombies, Alex will bring the thing to your storyboard that a top Director brings: something you haven’t thought of.

Bonds Kaleidoscope

Ebay 1999

CommBank Keep your Beat

Berlei Bounce

Hungry Jacks Frozen Flavours

Bonds Vs

Bonds Twelve Days of Christmas

Berlei Bounce Masters

Coldplay Yellow

Olympia Star City

Olympia Smoke Signals

Donny Benet Konichiwa